Who the hell is writing this drivel

Beinvenue to a glimpse into my narcassistic life and superficial blog. I am an erratic, irrational, impetuous twenty something living in Midwestern Kansas.

I live in Wichita, whose culture and scene is rapidly changing. It feels as if it is at an apex, a tipping point for cultural growth, specifically in the performance arena.

Additionally, I remain in this city of potential for my family. So, for all of you jerk-offs who I went to college, high school or met on the street once or twice - Sure, I wanted to move away and perform, but because I was not raised to hate my parents (not that you were) and was raised with this shitty Presbyterian guilt and sense of obligation - I remain for my family. Specifically, my father who has been dealt some healthcare woes and has taken more than his fair burden of medical ailments. So piss off and stop criticizing me for 'failing.' My life is not over yet.

However, I also remain here with the hope that I can change something. Do anything better than before. I want to see growth culturally, theatrically and artistically. I am not going to be able to contribute to that by bitching about my home town from a larger metropolis where I don't get any work and have to walk dogs to support myself, am I?
I have loved theatre, art, fashion and vintage all of my life. You'll see a lot of old, very superficial things on here, but fuck off if you don't like it, it's my blog.

Also, being a proud and liberal feminist, I am not shy about the fact that anyone who is not is undoubtably mistaken.

Oh, and my cats are a thing too. Just a warning.