Thursday, February 4, 2016

Beginning My New Year: a young-ish pseudo lady's adventure in booze and writing

I haven't utilized this beast for bitching as of late. I have been keeping a tangible journal; something I have not done since childhood - and even at that I was bad.


- My Heywood Wakefield Rattan set is for SALE!!!! No cushions because they were destroyed when I bought it. If you know of anyone who is interested, oh please let a gal know

- Daddy's fairing well, just celebrated his 69th birthday at Thai Traditions

- Still dating, but I may have narrowed it down...significantly

- Started watching Parks & Recreation. I am several years late to this hilarious party

- Won the Rumble in Delano Pin Up Contest again. Those ladies were gorgeous. It came as a big shock. I love that there are other rockabilly enthusiasts in Wichita.

- I'm a vegetarian again. Sort of on accident, but I've missed the smug superiority I get from telling others that.... (just kidding - I just really love vegetables)

- FINALLY I bought a new car. Goodbye to my loyal Phoenix. Hello, to my sexy Black Widow

- Went to Los Angeles recently and saw good friends. Disneyland, beach, Medieval Times (yes, really), more beach, museums, food, wine, fun

- Still downsizing. I've made significant progress, but I have more to go. It's hard parting with my beautiful vintage clothing and furniture

- Blonde Streak is back

- New Tattoo

In conclusion, I feel more like myself than I have in years. I am more confident. I have a renewed appreciation in my kindness and compassion. I am in control. These are things I have not sensed in many years.

That being said: I present to you some visual imagery of the last few months.

Heywood Wakefield Rattan Set
Sectional, Coffee Table and Corner Table - Non-Heywake Rattan Chair included
My Daddy

Blonde Streak Returns
French Command for Love

Byyyyyyyeeeee Phoenix

Meet my Black Widow
Bangin LA Jumpsuit
Ah, yes. When the Ocean went up my skirt
Rumble in Delano
Miss Rumble Contest
Aaron Bowen Photography
Impromptu Shoot
(Sorry, for the unkempt hair)
Flowers at work
Always time for a first

Aimez-vous les unes les autres

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