Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sarah Palin's daughter ends engagement and world apparently explodes

Due to the magnificence that is the Facebook Timeline, I have been privy to many hostile comments regarding Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, and the ending of her engagement to the Marine.

I do not think I have to clarify my political affiliation, as an ardent feminist, liberal and logical person – I do not see how anyone could follow Sarah Palin’s rationality. However, the disparaging comments I am reading regarding her daughter are deplorable. Bristol ended an engagement – this is not easy and it is not quick. Having firsthand experience at this, I am in the position where I can attest to the fact that, regardless of the reason, it is painful. No one should have to go through this questioning, this regret, this feeling of the unknown and this humiliating sadness. The looks of pity are equally as awful.

The commentaries on this need to cease. Bristol and I find ourselves in a rare category. Does anyone know why ending an engagement can cause such shock? Because it is rarely done; however, due to the astronomical divorce rate and plethora of unhappy unions of convenience, perhaps it should be. I could comment further on how I see individuals using spouses, or their relationships as a stepping stone or crutch, but I will digress - I was one of them at one point, I understand it.

Obviously, I cannot speak for Bristol, but relating to her experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt the same as I do. I feel as if I am a movie cliché. Now there is this unspoken pressure to ‘improve myself;’ however, for poor Bristol, it appears from some of these comments that ‘he was the lucky one.’ Does anyone realize how much it sucks to realize that people are saying that about you? Because they are saying it about me too – and it is harrowing.

I don’t know how long Bristol was along in her wedding plans and life plans with her former fiancé, but each phone call from vendors who were courting your money causes grief. Every time the realization strikes that the date is looming ever closer you have a pang in your chest and question your decision. As you walk into your empty house and tears begin to swell, because you miss him. When I go pick up the wedding dress that I may never wear – I will cry, as I am sure she may, if she got that far.

Why should this woman’s grief be fodder for political criticism? It shouldn’t.

Were my mother in any position of celebrity or leadership, I would hope that Facebook would not (or for that matter, does not) use these very personal experiences to jest and mock myself, my family or my former fiancé.

No one deserves this.
Not Bristol.
Not her former Marine.
Not Me.
Not even my former fiancé.

This is a grieving process for her. Facebook, you should be ashamed.

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