Thursday, May 21, 2015

Experienced the Divine Intervention

Just got back from a short excursion to Denver a few hours ago. I fell in love with Denver and anticipate I will be returning soon.

The reason for being in Denver: Bette-mother-fuckin-amazing-Midler.

Her tour, 'The Divine Intervention,' was just what I needed. I got to experience it with one of my biggest cheerleaders and best friends, Joanna. She was the person who enlightened me to the Divine Miss M.

Not only did Bette sing my favorite songs, she also did something completely unexpected, emerging 22 years later - Winifred Sanderson sang "I Put a Spell on You." Nothing could have prepared me for this. And it was outstanding.

She was divine and it was a lovely intervention for myself.

My Jo is an awesome Jo.

Always reminding me that I deserve better than what I think.

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