Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My first vintage closet clean out!

I'm always hesitant to part with vintage because I use so much (or.... all) of my own wardrobe for costumes, to lend for costumes and for photoshoots. After seeking vintage steadily since 2009, I have never cleaned out any of it. It is 2013, 4 years since the beginning of it all, I'm beyond due. So, I stuck to the same rules that I apply for cleaning out my modern wardrobe (which doesn't make me nearly as sad!): If I haven't worn/lending it out in 1 year, I toss it (or strongly consider tossing, like I said - it's hard, but necessary).

There are some things that I cleaned out I don't wear, simply because I don't. I never thought that I would say that about my precious retro garb, however - it is true. So, after a productive weekend in KC, I had to make room for more quality pieces.

I guess I never really realized how much vintage I have accumulated in the last few years. I do have quite a large closet jammed full of them. And despite having to shove and push things down the rack and hunt for certain pieces, the realization of my growing/busting closet seems to have eluded my senses. Unfortunately, I only wear a fraction. There are so many pieces that need slight mending, major mending, to be taken in/out etc... If I were a more clever sewer and had a little more time, this wouldn't be an issue - yet, I'm not, I don't and it is.

After the separation anxiety, I will still admit, it is very nice to have the options for costuming sake, if it's mid century chances are I have something.

I'm considering opening an etsy, an antique booth or trying to sell some of these beautiful pieces on ebay (does any one have experience or opinions on this??). But if I don't have the time to properly clean a room of vintage clothes, than I most likely don't have the time to run a small business, if you have experience in reselling your pieces or new pieces, I'd love your feedback! 


  1. Both Etsy & Ebay will charge you a selling fee. I believe it is around 2-5% per piece. It is the same with an antique booth; there will be fees.

    I would recommend listing your items either on your blog or on Oh La La on Facebook. That way you won't have to pay selling fees.


  2. There is a store in Lawrence Kanasas called Wildman Vintage that buys only vintage pieces, might be a good option!

  3. Etsy is a pretty good site except if you are planning on putting a price tag above $50 on anything you might have a hard time selling, buyers can be cheap! I listed a dress at $50 and ended up bringing the price down to $30 because i had to get rid of it in a week. maybe you could do trades, trade clothing you dont want for one piece you do want that way you get rid of petty items in turn for a prize item. the selling fee's on etsy arent to bad, you might lose a dollar but you have to let it go anyways! or you could alway give everything to me :p