Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Been a long, long, LONG time

I'm apologize for my blog-neglect. I have had a rough end of summer/fall/winter. My personal contacts will know my father has been incredibly ill (but now is better - thanks for the prayers!) and I was captured by my love of the theatre for 45 performances of a Christmas show. It was a very busy winter, but full of fun, family and laughter.

I'm back, for 2013. For who knows whats in store.

I'm starting the year with my momma. We're heading to KC for a girls weekend again!! I am hoping to discover places we haven't been before. However, considering how often we go, I'd be surprised if we did.

I'm on the hunt for Bakelite, a swanky mid-century chair for my living room, atomic decor and, of course, vintage clothes! Particularly, pants, jeans and tops.

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Until next time, so long cats!

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