Friday, November 2, 2012

Discovery and completion!

You cannot begin to understand how elated I was a few weeks ago when I dropped by one of my favorite local antique stores for a quick browse.

Readers will know I fanatically search for retro furniture to obtain my vintage fix at home, I'm addicted. The biggest thorn in my side has been my eye sore couch and chair I got when I was 22 and had no taste to speak of. While my first couch and chair were solid, comfortable, nice looking and ...euch, contemporary trendy pieces - they just aren't me now.

I stumbled upon this beauty and knew it would be mine. I got my honey's stamp of approval, which means me calling him asking him if he's going to be angry later that I bought, yet another, piece of furniture we have no place to store at the moment. When he said buy it, I was elated.

How perfectly it fits with all of my decor. The gold/brown fabric is a great neutral tone for all of the wild colors on the bark cloth drapes.

Now the hunt for a danish modern chair begins!

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