Monday, October 1, 2012

'Rockabilly B'

It's taken me a week to get around to writing about, what has been the most exciting improvement in my life as of late. My NEW hair! Most of my local friends have seen it already, either through social media or at the Mary Jane Teall Awards last night (pictures to come). However, to those who have not, here are some pictures!

My hair was sad. Very sad. The split, broken pathetic pieces of my coif were very thrilled when I finally made my hair appointment last week.

I sauntered over to Shine Salon where I met my stylist.

Taylor Fell is brilliant. Funny, genuine and honest. I gave her a picture and she turned around and suited it perfectly for me. I was heading in this direction:

Admittedly, I was nervous about going completely black, but I needed to commit. I wanted to try something brand new and, sort of, wild (well, for me). I love the rockabilly look of it and it's boldness. Despite talking myself into it, my nerves still shook.

But there was no turning back.

Taylor is great, not only because she will work until you're perfectly satisfied, try new things and study new techniques just to please you (she took some of my vintage hairstyling guides and now cuts my own modified version of the middy - perfectly), but because she doesn't want to ruin your hair. Instead of leaping into the black abyss, she darkened my hair to a deceptively dark shade of brown. Gradually stepping down the latter into the abyss was such a better choice, one that I am glad she had the intuition to make!
I'll admit, styling it has become somewhat of an issue for me. I am not use to showing off something in my hair unless it's a flower. Now this chunk of blond is my newest accessory; I have to find new styles to show off. Some of my older and reliable lazy-stand-bys won't cut it anymore. While I am having fun experimenting, it is frustrating when I wake up late.

My advise before you leap into any pseudo-dramatic statement like I did, is give yourself time to figure out new styles. Or in my case, wake up on time and get out of bed so you look decent for work. 

Regardless, I fall in love with my new do more each day. Thank you Taylor!!

For appointments with the wonderful Taylor Fell, contact Shine Salon directly, or email me and I will set you up with a contact for her!

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