Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1960s inspired: Wiggle Dress and Pompodour

My last year's post in regard to the Mary Jane Teall Awards still holds true for me. The local theatre honor ceremony, I believe, is a fun night where all theatre people can get together, *dress up,* joke, laugh and drink together. I try not to take it too seriously, though. While I am honored if I am a nominee, I do not perform for awards, I perform for the art, to communicate emotions and ideas and because I dearly love it.

I got to see many of my friends accept well deserved honors, as well as a few of my dear friends and mentors receive the Educator of the Year Award and the Special Merit Award (Yea! Nick, Ed and Danette!) - a full list of the honorees can be found on the Mary Jane Teall Website.

Now to the fun stuff: I was so excited to dress up - of course, when am I not? I chose my dress very early on, a 1960s Ivory Wiggle Dress, flapper fringe waist down - very twenties inspired, very 60s chic.

With my new coiffure, I was timid about doing my hair. The blond, as prior mentioned, is a new thing for me to style. Thanks be to my pinterest, I found these 60's up dos for inspiration!

Pinned Image   Pinned Image

After hot rolling, cooling, spraying, much teasing, curling and praying - I emerged from my dressing table with a boss-do.

Poorly lit, but shows the height
Cropped another picture later down
(thanks again, guys!)
I wish I would have gotten better pictures of my hair that night, half of these I've stolen from my friends (Leslie, Ben/Liz - thanks!). In my jovial (drunken) state, any thoughts of hair documentation went out the window. So these pictures are from various points throughout the evening.

Back curls and Pompadour

Front Curl, Streak - kind of falling down after 7 hours

My inspiring and beautiful Mama
The full picture featuring
lovely ladies: Jillian and Liz

My darling friend Leslie
My cast mate and dear friend, Kenneth
Many of these pictures do not do my friends beautiful looks justice either. People looked so shnazzy!
A lot of my photos were taken at my favorite local pub
Maybe next year I'll remember to take good pictures before I hit the bar... maybe.

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