Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Furniture Lust

Recuperating from double shows on Saturday night meant spending Sunday doing some lazy antique shopping. Normally, the turnover is moderate in certain booths at various antique malls, but nothing too drastic. Imagine how astounded (and ridiculously excited) I was when I walked into my favorite store, turned left and ran into some genuine Heywood Wakefield for sale.

3 pieces in all, although the buffet display case did not go with the dresser it was sitting on.
I was drooling. Quite literally, like Pavlov's dog, salivating at the site of these pieces. Unfortunately, none were in pristine condition. However, not wretched nor beyond hope.

My favorite was the corner bookshelf. How I burn for a slew of Hey-Wake bookshelves for my future fantasy library. Aside from a faint ring stain on the top shelf, it had little wrong with it.

Second place goes to this corner cabinet. Also not in complete disrepair, a few nicks here and there a little discoloration in other areas - most of the issues I only saw up close.

Although to own a Hey-Wake bedroom set is a fantasy (Hell, who am I kidding? Having a Hey-Wake stuffed house is the fantasy), this is not the piece to begin it.
The dealer put a display case, which has no glass, on top of the Encore dresser. The dresser itself is not completely beyond hope, but for the price they were asking, one could get a nicer one shipped to Kansas.

The display case though was in sad shape. Obviously the glass has a lot to do with its depreciating value. Finding the appropriate fit, model and price to replace it is quite difficult. I learned that from the gentleman who sold me my first pieces. Take head everyone! It's good advise.

Although fearful to attempt it myself (at the risk of ruining value) - others have succeeded in refinishing/restoring or improving mildly damaged pieces. In fact, when I purchased my Heywood Wakefield Ashcraft pieces I expressed my concern and another blogger and restoration artist reached out to me. David over at A Modern Line works on improving and restoring many vintage items including Heywood Wakefield - check him out!

I didn't walk away from Antiquing without a few souvenirs. A mid-century footstool, another piece of amoeba boomerang barware for my collection (for 1.40! That makes 8 shot glasses, 3 pilsner, 6 tumblers and a pitcher), a mock sunburst clock (probably mid 70s) and a deco waste basket for the bathroom.

Not a bad haul for a slightly hungover/exhausted Sunday...


  1. If the price was right I would have been hard pressed not to take home the corner bookcase and the corner cabinet. These are both hard to find items and I love to have the chance to refinish them both. Thanks for the plug!

    1. If I had the money, they'd be with me now. They weren't wretchedly priced, but I would still try to talk them down. Otherwise, there's no fun in the hunt and deal!

      However, I dropped strong hints to my mother and boyfriend that my birthday is in November and that'd make a great early gift!