Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Repo Kitchen: Reproduction Chrome Chairs

Despite the everlasting chagrin of my spouse, I've taken the plunge and purchased, yet another, retro-reproduction item for our miniature retro kitchen.

For Christmas, my mother bought me a beautiful chrome dining table. Sadly, chairs were not included, but we were almost positive we'd fine some perfect ones soon. Eight months later and no avail, discouraged was hardly how I felt. Incomplete would be a more accurate assessment.

Then a few weeks ago, whilst skimming Amazon for books, reproduction things and so forth - this pops up on to my recommendations! With an Amazon Gift Card in my possession, I purchased these as soon as I could. They showed up in less than a week and were a cinch to assemble.

Aren't they beautiful! I'm complete... well, almost.

Now to stumble across some beautiful red atomic fabric or curtains! The tropical bark cloth is extra remnants from my living room >.<

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