Thursday, August 16, 2012

Admitting you have a problem: Mid-Century Hoarding?

I was planning on going for a run after work. Intending on it. However, something was nagging at me, telling me to go to the DAV. Perhaps it was due to all of the vintage pinning I did on my lunch break. Regardless, I went to the closest DAV. Less than a mile and half away. I went to dig out a new blouse, skirt or knick knack to satisfy my itch. And I did! I found 2 blouses and two work skirts (nice ones too, Banana Republic and Express), however- as I was making the last round about the area I saw, leaning against the corner wall, gleaming in the sunlight, a Heywood Wakefield Step End Table!

It is not in great condition - what-so-ever. In fact, it is in bad condition. Bad. I need help (Hello, A Modern Line!) - I have got to learn how to refinish furniture or find someone in the Kansas area who does (recommendations highly appreciated). It was SO CHEAP though. I knew once I saw it that there was no point debating with myself, it was leaving with me. It did. It's at home with my other two, and enjoying the time indoors.

I've got some work to do
For those perceptive few: Yes, the glasses in the background have coasters under them

Scratches/Discoloration very prominent on the edges

Excuse my thumb, but don't excuse the usage of black crayon to mark the price!
What were they thinking?

Do I have a problem? At least I'm not collecting things like Precious Moments Dolls...


  1. Briley, Here's a link to the first of 3 free advise blogs for refinishing. Start here and go through the next 2 newer posts and you should have a pretty good idea of what it will take to do your pieces.