Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Heywake Adventures: Beginning from the End... Tables

As much as I adore my early spring find, a Heywood Wakefield Ashcraft living room set, it is going to be a much bigger project than I initially thought. My attempts to make cushions have been feeble and half hearted (I am just not a sewer, for no other reason than for want of time), I also have to (gulp) refinish the tables. I have heard many a horror stories about poor Heywake refinishing jobs.

So... while I am waiting for the magical cushion repair fairy to drop by my house (or the money for someone to do it for me! hint hint) - I became re-acquainted with my good friend Craigslist!

Low and behold I find a beautiful deal:

What made me the most excited about them was the fact my boyfriend approved! He does not always like or appreciate some of my vintage decorating.

 (for example, my beautiful, but highly stylized, bark cloth drapes. Seen in the background of this image by Marita Meyer)

With the Honey's approval, I snatched these up. This led to discussing potential mid-century couch options and, astonishingly, he wanted to research Heywood Wakefield coffee tables to match. This made me retrieve a book from the library to encourage his recent Hey-wake love. 

As for the couch, we can agree on the cleaner lines of the early 60s. However, I don't want to hold my breath for a vintage couch, which is in amazing condition and that we can both agree on, so we've found a few online Realtors that offer a reproduction that we can invest in together.   If you haven't seen Retro Renovation's list, check it out stat: 28 places to shop for a mid-century modern sofa.We've checked out a few on Urban Outfitters, but there are other similar great deals out there $4,000 - $400.

Also of note, I recently have succumbed to the inevitability that I would acquire a smart phone. The best thing to come of this is I will can upload pictures quicker without having to rely on my ancient, falling apart, bits n'pieces camera. Quicker posts (so I hope!). 

Just to prove (and get use to) the benefits of my new smart phone, here are some gratuitous pictures of my nephews and me. Keegan (Ralphie) is 3 months, Parker is 1 year old last Saturday and they weigh about the same. Cute Boys!

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