Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Virtual haitus to end!

I really do not like the 'new look of blogger.' It's difficult to navigate.

I would like to simply attribute this to my hiatus from the virtual realm, but, unfortunately, I've just been very lazy busy! With my April show, Merchant of Venice, closing, two trips outside of Wichita, work, rehearsals for an upcoming production and Mad Men and wine on Sunday nights with my momma - I've been swamped!

Nevertheless, I have done a lot of vintage-retro things recently and I have them all stored on my camera for future upload. My goal for the Tulsa posting is this weekend. I have a KC post and another in the works too.

I open a show this weekend, if you are in or passing through the ICT vicinity - stop by Mosley Street Melodrama for "Michelle's Club House, or Ain't Livin' in Derby a Beach?"

Until then, I will feverishly work on some great posts!

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