Friday, May 25, 2012

Rockin' Kansas Craigslist Find

After watching Lana Turner in the 1957 picture "Peyton Place" last night, imagine how surprised I was when doing my daily craigslist search I stumble across an antique phonograph player identical to the one in the movie!

It's featured a few times, most notably the neckin' scene in the parlor.

image 0

I even thought to myself last night: Gee, wouldn't it be neat if I could find something like similar that worked.

Well, my chance is upon me, but my finances trail behind. Please SOMEBODY grab this awesome buy and fix it up! If you wanted to give it to me later... I'd understand!

If you haven't already, do check out this movie - it is a wonderful portrait of the bottled and hypocritical sexuality of the time and rife with taboo subjects that, to a modern audience, seems almost preposterous to ignore.

Yea Friday!

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