Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vintage, my drug of choice

 After reflection about how much I buy and brag post about my purchases, I hope no one thinks I am materialistic... well, maybe I am to a degree, but I find enjoyment in reading other posts about fabulous finds and what is out there. If this gets old or I come across as vain and/or narcissistic, please give me feedback! Albeit, this is my blog, so it will always come across as quasi-narcissistic! You get my drift though... 

End of Disclaimer
So, with my trusty sidekick in tow, we headed up north again to get, what is turning into, our quarterly vintage binge from near by KC, MO.

Although Wichita does have a few shops and alternatives for those who constantly need the aesthetic stimulation; for addicts such as myself, many times I have to travel short distances to get my fix. Thus, another trip to a reliable mid-west vintage city, another binge weekend.

I adore Kansas City because there is never a shortage of things to do. Initially, I planned to go not for the shopping, but to see one of my favorite musicians of all time Andrew Bird. Although he is not rockabilly, vintage or classical, he's incredibly talented and absolutely fascinating to watch.

However, the shopping is always a bonus whenever I am going. We I really did go overboard this time round, so I'll have to limit my pictures, but suffice it to say, I'm set to go for quite sometime.

Here are a few of my purchases from the local haunts:

Planter re-fashioned to a Nightstand
Lawrence Antique Mall
Yes: I did rearrange the books to look smart!
Art-Deco Mirror Planter for Dining Room.
Say hello to mon chat, Marilyn!
Hanging mirror for my tall dresser! Cheap Buy!
Both Mirrors: River Market Antiques
Play suit and skirt from Retro Vixen
Donna's Dress Shoppe was having a spring 'garden party.' They debuted many of their spring/summer finds. I'm in their photo album on their facebook page! See if you can spot me with all my my treasures!

Bettie Page Clothing piece courtesy of Donna's Dress Shoppe
Beautiful 1940s yellow eyelet vintage dress. Thank you Donna's Dress Shoppe!
High waisted pants - Boomerang Vintage
Unexpected find - Arizona Trading Co
New Favorite 1940s Robe! A steal from Re-Runs Warehouse!
Here is something I am regretting leaving behind at ReRuns boutique. A fabulous 1960s oriental suit. Peddle pushers underneath and very beautiful embroidery.

I did have to pay bills however! So I abstained from this beautiful piece.

Every time up there avec ma mère, I have a wonderful time. She gave me my poor vision and great taste and love her for both the glasses and the wardrobe.

I encourage all of you with the fortunate of having your mothers in your lives still - make memories!

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