Monday, April 16, 2012

Aching for Summer: Cheap Vintage Find

Just in time for the chill to set in around Kansas, this piece found me last fall. Now that it's mid-April I am ACHING to bust it out with my Bernie Dexter high waisted capris.

This wonderful 40's polka dot halter was only $9 dollars! My mother spotted it. Bless her, that's why I love shopping with my mom.

I was able to wear it once. The night: a wispy 50 degrees fahrenheit, very cool walking weather. To any sane person - a beautiful, crisp fall evening. To any crazy-irrational-vintage-wearing-addict, like me, dreadfully frigid! I was pushing it with this piece, but glad I did. Love it. With the tornados and hail, it's sadly not exactly appropriate for the weather right now either.

Regardless, I'm glad this cutie got some wear before is sat in my vintage closet for 6 months. Summer's right around the corner! Or rather hot, humid spring, if you're in Kansas.

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