Friday, March 30, 2012


I got home last night to a surprise from my honey. To some, this may seem like a bizarre gift, but to me, it proves he is a good listener and a great gift-er!

My very first flask: leopard print, filled with my favorite rum, with my moniker engraved on the front.


He did say it was quite difficult finding a leopard print flask, naturally this would be the only type I would find appealing. He eventually found one on E-Flasks. The engraving he got done locally, however.

After the week I had at work, this will definitely come in handy for a quick nip!

If nothing else, it looks great on my adult-beverage cart.


  1. Sweet! I have that same atomic plate!


  2. I read your Christmas blog when you got it! I have been on the hunt for the matching urn ever since!! There is also a burner on the set that I've seen elsewhere. That is my second one actually! My boyfriend broke the first in the porcelain sink :(

  3. There are few things as precious as having someone both love and listen to you, so I can totally understand why this cool gift means so much to you. It's dripping with glamour and, I'm sure, will become the sort of treasured gift that turns into an heirloom.

    Thank you so sweetly for your comment on my post about recent gifts this morning. It looks like we're both being showered with thoughtfulness lately! :)

    Wishing you a gorgeous weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Awesome flask. Love it!

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