Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hey-Wake Ashcraft: Pictures of the Real Thing!

As promised, here is the actual purchase I made for 75 dollars several weekends ago. All the pieces are incredibly sturdy still with no major structural problems; all merely cosmetic.

While I do have the fabric picked out for my future living room cushions (a lovely neutral-ish cinnamon color), I cannot yet afford to buy all of the fabric! The most expensive part of re-covering things. Hopefully by month's end I'll have what is needed purchased so by April the project can be underway!

At any rate, I did take some pictures of the entire set. Like I initially mentioned, I do not believe the chair to be Hey-Wake whatsoever. However, it's tiki-vibe blends just fine with the other pieces.

The two tables I napped in this bargain are definitely from the Heywood Wakefield Ashcraft selection. The table tops are in need of some serious TLC. However, I am very frightened to touch them.
Have you ever seen an episode of Antique's Roadshow or Pawn Stars, where someone attempted to refinish a very valuable piece of furniture and ended up ruining the original piece. Yeah, I don't want that... My mom knows a bit about refinishing, but I don't want to take away from it's Heywood Wakefield blessed hue. The first table isn't wretched, it just has one major spot. 

Original stamp!
Unfortunately, the other is in far worse condition. I have been reading up on some natural ways to remove stains and rings from wood on Pinterest (by the way, follow me if you'd like!). I'm going to try a few of those out before risking another unexplored adventure.

The pictures don't really show much, but it's not very aesthetically pleasing.

The cushions, as I mentioned, are truly horrid. A few of them are not salvagable, so a few we'll have to buy brand new to recover. Or the alternative: strip, batten and pray.

Some original and some not, one a mere piece of foam!
This puppy has seen some action!

Now, here is where I need the help! The sectional couch, however I am unsure of its origin. If you are familiar at diagnosing these things, especially Heywood Wakefield, please bestow your expertise!

Lo, and behold: The Heywood Wakefield(??) Sectional.

It all is very sturdy, and the springs are good. The woven covering of the center piece springs was the only missing piece I could deduce. Well, that and the lack of HeyWake markings.

There was this little number badge attached to two of the 3 pieces. I have no idea what it means and/or stands for. Any ideas aficionados?

And here comes the comparison pictures. This is how I concluded that the sectional is in the running for a chance to be an authentic Ashcraft Original.

The bindings and handiwork on the table legs and chairs are remarkably similar. Even the screw placement (which is oddly visible even on the end table), was in similar locations.
Coffee Table Leg

Sectional Leg
 The pieces also shared other similar features:

Well, what do you think? Despite the work I have ahead of me, I am incredibly proud of my 75 dollar purchase.

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  1. Hey Vera, I'm about 95% sure your sectional pieces are the Ashcraft. These normally would have a tag sewn to the front section of the decking area covering the straps and springs. Your decking may have been replaced at some point and the tags discarded. The little stickers are just inventory tags from a moving company and have nothing to do with the pieces. In the interest of not running on, I will contact you about ways to potentially take care of your tables...