Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rag Pickin' Son's of B's: Hey-Wake Project

Nomenclature that is my birthright. From my grandmother to my mother, now I am officially, as my dear father used to describe my mother during fits of antiquing repulsion, a G-D Rag Pickin' Son of a B*&^%. Grandma used to laugh and laugh at my daddy's frustrations. My mother, formerly trepidatious about his intolerance, has grown immune to the typical slanders associated with being forced to move abnormally heavy antiques and furniture in 100 degree humidity, in the smallest spaces, or merely for the aesthetic pleasure of my mom/grandma.

Let it be stated, my father is a saint!!

So, one Wednesday evening, while casually sipping wine and scanning Craig's List post rehearsal, I stumbled across a potentially amazing buyHeywood Wakefield Rattan Living Room furniture.

To some, Rattan is too tiki and kitschy to be taken seriously in mid-century decorating. It symbolizes a little less 'class' than some may be going for in their abodes. But when have I ever been concerned with classiness! For those who know me, it comes as no surprise that I'm all about the kitsch and trashy. I've always sought out the less than ordinary styles. Those odd pieces fit into my life perfectly and add balance to my already odd lifestyle. 

Sadly, I do not have any photographs of it yet. But here are some similar pieces:

Craig's List is my new best friend. I've now hunted down two steals on Hey-Wake. While in need of TLC to be sure, I  couldn't pass up the opportunity. Included in the price were:
  • Large tiered end table - Heywood Wakefield Stamp (picture of what it is above)
  • Mid size coffee table - Heywood Wakefield Stamp (picture above)
  • 3 piece sectional rattan couch - No stamp visible, but 99.9% positive Hey-Wake. Diagnosis through comparison analysis. (resembles bottom picture)
  • Stand alone rattan chair - Fairly positive not Hey-Wake, but strikingly similar and it was included in the bargain!

All of this for the whopping price of....

Drum Roll...

75 dollars! 

One cannot find any living room furniture (modern or otherwise) for that low of a price. I felt kind of guilty getting such a buy, but I was filled with too much excitement to care.

There was a catch. I mean a catch outside of all of the drama of the day - Aside from dragging my poor, exhausted father and my wrist-injured mother out to a distant suburb in a ratty 68 Ford Pickup on it's last legs (I am an awful daughter, it's a good thing they love me).

The Cushions are in wretched condition. Seriously, quite grotesque. So, now I am faced with two options: buying brand new cushions, or repairing the springy contraptions I bought. .

I chose this as an opportunity for a project! I will keep you posted with the details. My Aunt is helping me with the slipcovers and repairs, as she is a sewing prodigy (I inherited thriftiness, not skill).
We're fabric shopping today!!! I will keep you abreast of my adventures in slip covers.


  1. I have no problem with rattan especially when you will put them in a lake house. are you still going to post your rattan furniture? i will take time to bookmark your blog so i could come here again with ease and speed.

    1. I am going to post pictures of them, but I need to get over to my parents garage and lay them out - the weather has been kind of blah, but sometime this month pics will be up.

      Please follow! I love feedback.

    2. Sure! ill keep in touch man! thank so much! ill just keep an eye on your blog! been busy the whole month. sorry for the late reply on your post. More power!