Thursday, February 2, 2012

Politics Aside

I have no idea what my readers think of politics, because this blog has little to NOTHING to do with it. However, I wrote a blog in September about how proud I was to have been a PINK honor roll fundraiser for the Race for the Cure.

Now, I am incredibly saddened to tell you how disappointed I am with the organization. They have cut their breast exam funds from Planned Parenthood for political reasons. I am angered by this for many reasons.

While in college, and destitute for any form of health insurance, I went to Planned Parenthood for my annual screenings. Now I am fully insured and do not have to rely on the service. However, this LIFE SAVING opportunity may not be given to women of another generation due to politics. 

In addition, politics should play NO PART in a woman's (OR man's) health. I got my SCREENINGS from #PP in college, and pray the accessibility for women in the future. However, the recent act of the Susan G. Komen Foundation to pull funding from Planned Parenthood for breast cancer screenings is completely political. There is no valid reason to prohibit a 40 plus year reputable institution to perform a valid test for women.

PLEASE write, tweet, facebook, do SOMETHING to Susan G Komen and let them know how irrational they are in this decision.

I support breast cancer awareness, fund raising for women's causes and health advocacy for ALL people. Please let them know this too! Women NEED this, every outlet and facility needs to offer it. Not just ones that align with their political alliances. It is the epitome of injustice.

I want to support Susan G. Komen, but I want them to support WOMEN too! 

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