Monday, February 20, 2012

Mes Chaussures sont beaux!

I reiterate that Sugar is insanely talented at picking out gifts. Not only was my recent Valentine's gift perfection, but he got me these beautiful shoes for my birthday.

I just wore them for 2 photoshoots this weekend with the marvelous Marita Meyer and Kacy Meineke (pictures to come). My 'moderately petite' stature is enlongated dramatically in these puppies.

Although I received them in November, we had to return them for a smaller size! Normally I wear an 8.5, but these run a little large - be forewarned.

The brand is Poetic License, well made and surprisingly comfortable. There is availability in a few other coordinating colors as well (hint... hint). Although you can buy them from numerous retailers, one of my favorites is *cough*amazon*cough*

However, they've started to go on sale on may websites. Best to shop around. They are called "Feel the Rhythm"
Guess why?

Happy Monday!

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