Monday, January 2, 2012

Outfit/Hat/Hair: 1940s Vintage Blue Wonder

Happy New Year everyone! I hope the holidays treated you well! Where my waistline has suffered due to my annual overindulgence of treats, my happiness has made up for it 10 fold.

I have many things I want to share, such as a belated post about a few of my most prized vintage holiday items around my abode. Also to come is another relatively simple hair-do of mine. I used it for the holidays, it looks quasi-complex, but once you know the tricks you'll be swinging this coiffure all the time!

Also over break I had a photo shoot. Another one was planned for today, but my poor photographer had a family emergency. So, I was all dolled up... more so than usual. Victory rolls, eyelashes and all. If you follow me on twitter, than you'll have already seen what I'm about to show you, but for those blog readers - May I present to you my outfit for today, featuring a new, old vintage hat unearthed at my local DAV for the bargain price of 2 dollars!

A little too bright, but it captures my living room lovely

1940s Hat - DAV - $2.00
Early 40s dress - Paramount Antique Mall - $18.00
Not pictured - seemed stockings - Frederick's of Hollywood - $6.00/pair

Beaucoup mieux
Don't mind the gratuitous pictures of my hair-do mixed in if you please!

Quelle surprise! It's a perfect victory roll!

Take note of my camera, delicately held together via fashionable rubber band

Always make it a goal not to show your bobby pins

Hot sticks got me the 40s look without a wet set

What a beautiful hat!!
More to come later this week! Keep checking back for upcoming posts this year! I plan to do quite a few new things.

Bonsoir! I'm off to rehearsal!


  1. What a beautiful hat INDEED and a bargain!! Great dress too....both look beautiful on you :)

  2. OMG...this outfit is to die for. I need this in my closet. You have impeccable style and grace. Those hair-dos...there aren't even any words :)