Monday, January 9, 2012

Nifty Kitch...en

Thanks be to my GLORIOUS mother I have a new-old set up going on in my kitchen. It seems the majority of my posts are in regards to how wonderful she is, but she is where I inherited most of thrifting addictions - therefore she must be a cited source.

First: the gorgeous table she bestowed on me for Christmas. A steal at the antique mall. 
Look for the cameo of Boy-Kitty in the background
Second: the cute folding chairs. Another antique mall save from, what could have been, a horrible children's room fate. While they do not precisely match the table, they are a great fit until something perfect comes along. They will also be great chairs for extra guests, among other things
Beautiful Chair! THANKS MAMA

A suitable fit

Although entirely unrelated...
Not new, but my beautiful kitten salt and pep shakers

Finally: I've said to my mother numerous times, I need another coat like I need a hole in the head, she found this for 5 dollars. Who passes that up? Definitely not my mother... or me. From Berne, Germany to boot! Although it's a wee-bit-snug, it'll do nicely with some of my vintage gloves. It fits her perfectly, so she'll be borrowing it I hope!


 Placing the finishing touches on my recent hair-how-to I did for Christmas Eve.... although it's already the second week of January. Doesn't that mean I've just been having too good of a time? :)

Proud of my ensemble today, wasn't feeling too hot this afternoon but still managed to swing full vintage.

Blouse: Klassic Line $5
Circle Skirt: Boomerang Vintage in KC, $18
Saddle Shoes: Payless Online Only, $25
Stockings: Fredericks of Hollywood $6
Unseen (naturally): vintage garter belt: Reruns Warehouse $8

Bon soir chéris!

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