Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Vintage Holiday Affair

As I have shamefully admitted prior, I fell dramatically behind in my postings. For that I am dreadfully sorry. I was a featured player in a beautiful musical at a new theatre in Wichita, you can read the review here. I had attempted to finish Christmas shopping and I began rehearsals for a production of The 39 Steps. So, obviously, I have been pre-occupied - but this is about to change!

First, my VERY belated attempts at Vintage Christmas decorating. My teeny apartment only allots for so much, but I make do with what I've got!

I have scavenged antique malls for decorations. However, instead of succumbing to my old habits, desperately buying whatever is convenient and sort of old, I have resolved to only buy what I am in love with and is consequently, absolutely perfect. Fortunately, there were some items I inherited!

The pinnacle of any Christmas: the Tree. It seems one is either for or against fake trees, rarely is one a fence sitter on this issue. I am 100% against real trees. Too Much Work! I have kitties! I don't want them climbing and flippin' out and scratching all the presents. If I really need that fresh pine scent - I'll buy a glade plug in.

My fake tree was given to me last year by my mother - she found it in the basement (always check with your nearest and dearest for the freebies!). Aluminium! The color wheel was an antique mall steal that my mother also generously bestowed on me last year (See? She is the greatest!). Blissfully, she encourages my behavior and lifestyle!

Center piece/table runner - two separate trips
On a lucky trip to my usual haunt, Paramount Antique Mall, I made away with many Christmas Treasures, only 3 days shy of the holiday. Also there were some fabulous last minute deals. I got many of my holiday fair this year on multple trips, but I don't mind this at all! Paramount has probably the best deals of any antique mall around the city. There are constantly mall-wide discounts going on. Check out the website or facebook page for more information.

My new mistletoe!

What a sweet wee elf!
Finally I found a tree topper! Even my non-vintage pre-lit tree from my pre-full-time-retro-days had no topper. I wanted it perfect and red. This was one of the few.

New favorite ornament

To make up for a nearly tepid Christmas - a Snowy Wreath

Cheesing in my vintage ice skating uniform

There were other things I was up to: Baking, Decorating, Ice Skating. I hate to disappoint, but whilst on the ice - I didn't bite it! I wobbled upright the entire time.

Thanks to my darling Ariel for documenting the day. I am also incredibly grateful to the gorgeous group, Ross, Emily, Ariel and Jacob, for letting me crash their outing!

Here are some gratuitous pictures of the ice skating shabang and other holiday happenings.

 Ross's face may be my favorite part of the day

Their names are elegance and grace

Me, Emily and Ross-lee showing off those GAMS!

Making minor adjustments in a crowd of small children... how suiting, yet painfully inappropriate

 It snowed for about 5 minutes in Kansas - and we enjoyed every second of it!
I would have cropped Jacob out, but he makes the picture
This thanksgiving, I was also featured in the local paper with my Papa! As he beat Cancer this year, we had a lot to be thankful for, my daddy :)
My Pops and I!
 I changed it up this year for Christmas and made two blueberry pies.
Quite delicious.

Blueberry, yum yum!
I held down Handsome long enough for his step dad to snap a photo!

New Years Eve Spread:
Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Queso, Veggies, Salsa, Chips, Chocolate and more chocolate

Naturally, a minimum of 4 bottles of champagne to help us ring it in
 Oh, what a wondrous holiday season. I hope this coming year can hold a candle to 2011's burning flame of amazing.

My of my brilliant best friends - the amazing Ariel

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