Friday, December 16, 2011

Vintage Winter Wear: Boots

I'm not a boot fan. This is mostly due to not being able to find a pair that are "vintage-enough." Winter in general seems to bring the proverbial cloud of misery over my vintage closet. Yet this year, I'm looking to winterize my vintage wardrobe for the Kansas snow-blitz sure to occur with the onset of 2012.

One word: Spats.
Yes, a wee bit Victorian, but it gives the flare that modern boots lack entirely. Spats were worn predominantly through the late 19th and early 20th century, in some cases, even up to the 30s. Symbolizing wealth then, if improperly worn, can symbolize marching band today: exercise caution.

Here are some of my findings.

Isola Caley Black

Isola Caley Charcoal
Sofft "Savona"

Sam Edelman Pierce
Born Emeryson

My lustful desires lean to this beauty below....

Born Westhampton

Pricey finds, but inspiration, nonetheless.
If these are too pricey for you, go for the real thing - Spats!

Increasing in popularity due to, what I find to be, the quite peculiar 'steam-punk' movement, this look is quite achievable.

For you crafty dolls, there are plenty of tutorials out on the web.

For those like me who yearn to learn to sew, but lack the patience, time (or in my case skill),
here is a link to an Etsy shop I recently found called "Fait Avec" where you can buy handmade spats.

A last minute wonderful Christmas gift... hint hint :)

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