Monday, December 19, 2011

Vintage Clothes Binge

This post is long overdue, I have been working like a dog at the theatre his last month! Part of the reason for the delay is my camera is falling to pieces. Excuses aside, I did say I would post about my trip and findings in KC, MO!

My mother is, quite honestly, the coolest cat around. While I am sure this is every girl's perspective, I do have a wonderful mother who treated me to a long weekend in Kansas City in November to do, what else? VINTAGE CLOTHES SHOP!

The haul was quite dramatic. We went to some of the places featured in my last KC shopping blog, however we also went to a few new ones as well.

The locales include, but are not limited to, the following:
I would like to do a run down of a few of these shops individually, but I think that long of a blog may be too invasive. So let me just give a brief review of the highlights.

Re-Runs, both the Warehouse and the Boutique, were so much fun. However, if you only have time to stop at one, the warehouse will provide you a financially feasible deal. Many of the items are in need of light to heavy mending. But if you're okay with it, the inventory is at thrift store prices! The boutique is reserved for items that are in pristine condition, therefore fetching a higher price. I found many beautiful items at both, however I only purchased at the Warehouse. I lugged off a dead stock slip, 2 garter belts, 2 skirts, a sweater - and those only name a few.
ReRuns Corselette Slip

I do wish I had more time to explore Boomerang Vintage. They have rows and rows of vintage. I saw quite a bit of it coming out of the 70s, but betwixt the racks there were definitely some good, and reasonably priced, buys. A circle skirt and high waisted shorts walked away with me. I will return next time with a good hour reserved for hunting. Particularly to dive into their 60s Capri's and trousers.

We were fortunate enough to make it to Donna's Dress Shoppe again. They were having their winter premiere! 5 pm cocktails, with the unleashing of their winter inventory! Beautiful things! Yet, we chose two of the fall collection however from Pin Up Couture and Bettie Page Clothing. I'm wearing these as my winter formal wear - très chic. They did just get in a whole slew of vintage too! The store was so crowded that many of the clientele were swapping dresses through the fitting room as soon as they finished trying them on!  
Sweaters/blouse from Wildman, Donna's and ReRuns

Rock Candy and Retro Vixen were just down the street from Donna's. Both of which deserve at turn. I was particularly impressed with Retro Vixen. Her shop is decked out in pink and black. Everything is stocked for for the modern pin up. She had some brands I didn't recognize, but enjoyed trying on. I was running out of money on day one, so she sweetly agreed to hold my selection. But we didn't make it back in time on day 2! I regret not budgeting the extra money, but it is another reason to return!

On Sunday, after a brief and hungover swing by Oak Park Mall, Ma and I sped to Lawrence to do some more Antique Shopping and to scout out, my well-known favorite, Wild Man Vintage.

Last time up there, I wasn't able to take mom into my two favorite Antique Places - she was able to experience them both, and helped me find some great last minute deals! Including a beautiful, new '50s inspired' cocktail cart. The cart itself is probably from the 80s, but it looks great next to my Heywood Wakefield Table and Hutch!

Some findings:

Deadstock Slip - typewriting explains where its from

ReRuns: Absolutely Nothing Wrong with it!
Donna's: Pin Up Couture

Lawrence Antique Mall: Reversible Leopard Print Cape!!
Tea Cart from Lawrence Antique Mall

Arizona Trading Company: GREAT vintage find by momma!

Wildman: Vintage Bathing Suit, perfect fit!

And these are only a sampling! Such a wonderful trip with my momma!  
I would love some recommendations on hovels I haven't dived into yet. Let me know if you find any goodies.

There is a particular booth in Olathe that I must try next time

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  1. I love, love, love that bathing suit. I have noticed that all the good vintage shopping is up north. You found some good vintage items; and you really do have a great Mom for treating you to such a wonderful trip just for vintage shopping.