Monday, October 31, 2011

A Hep Halloween

Thanks be to my mama, I had the perfect costume for today. The costume arena in her house is always full of wonderful surprises. So, in homage to a 1960s gal who just wanted to look nice... and would do anything for it, I present my Halloween costume.
Glamour Queen Extra-Ordnaire, Cruella de Vil, was a pinnacle of fashion. Wanting nothing, more or less, to be cutting edge, Ms. de Vil was victimized as a heartless-puppy killer, when in actuality she was simply fashion forward and a staunch believer in neutering. Truthfully, her alleged "evil" is very over dramatized.

The 1961 film adaption of the book by Dodie Smith, featured a stylistically svelte silhouette of the icon. Dressed in black with red accents and two-toned black and white locks, my interpretation, like her portrayal, is a bit more dramatized.
  • The wig - a must, glamed it up with a vintage hat and red flower.
  • The frock - a vintage halter. Not in all black, but rather utilizing the monochromatic color palette. The dress itself is most likely late 60s, early 70s - keep in mind Ms. de Vil is a trend-setter.
  • The fur - Out with the old in with the new! (100% faux, f.y.i)
  • The puppies - perhaps for a little foreshadowing or character depth?

    Of course there were many, many accessories: the shoes, the eyelashes, the stockings, gloves, nails etc... however, I don't want to press the details. Yet, I must say my makeup was far superior earlier in the day. Sadly, this was taken about 30 minutes before I left.

Any other glamorous mid-century costumes out there?

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