Thursday, September 29, 2011


Me and Ma, being proud of each other
I had such a great time at the Mary Jane Teall Theatre Awards the other night! I love going, getting dressed up and mingling with such a fantastic group of individuals. It's so rare that all of the theatre community in this town can find time to get together for one evening and have a rockin' fun time.

The Eggs vs. The Orbs
The Mary Jane Teall Theatre Awards honor outstanding theatrical work in the city and surrounding vicinity, as honorees. It is less of a competition and more of a honor night. It is still inspiring to hear others speak, even a few brief sentences, about theatre. Everything was touched upon. How theatre gives opportunity for 'being somebody' to being able to be 'apart of something.' Reconnecting to the deeper love I have for theatre is the best part of the night.

The honorees each receive a beautiful glass egg to celebrate their achievements. Karg Art Glass out of Kechi Kansas provides these, and they are absolutely stunning. However, this year, they more resembled orbs than eggs. Gorgeous, regardless of shape.

The second best part is dressing up! As posted prior, I purchased an on sale Stop Staring Clothing frock in Kansas City. Perfect Night to wear it! I felt smashing in it. The ensemble, hair, make up and seamed stockings turned out fabulous. I'll try to post the hair and makeup maps that I followed that evening soon...

Stop Staring Frock
Shoes - Nina
Sweater/Gloves/Purse/Hat - Vintage
I had my mother take a picture of me, and it turned out blurry (she had a glass of wine....), so I got another taken by a friend at supper.

I wish I had more taken in this beautiful piece. REVIEW: It fit so divine; however, very snug, if you're not into showing your silhouette, I'd order a size up. However, I like it. The material was very sheen, so it is most definitely a special occasion dress. The only other thing I noticed was the hemming on the bottom of the dress was a little off, but not so much that it was very noticeable. I didn't even notice it until I sat down at the awards.
Stevie posing with my accessories

After the ceremony, I had a late supper with some friends and met another group of friends for a drink. My bestie Steve who is insanely multi-talented was there celebrating his win in choreography!

A any rate, my mother and I had a wonderful time celebrating something we love so dear with people we admire so much. I was so inspired I wrote my next piece at Naked City Wichita on the ceremony, or rather, what I deduced at the ceremony. Check it out next month! I may post a teaser in the next day or so. It was such an energizing and inspiring evening. I am so proud to have grown up in and to currently be part of such a beautiful community!

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