Saturday, September 24, 2011

Retro Runner

Today I participated in my very first 5K. I decided if I was going to Race, it was going to be for a worthy cause, so I huffed it for the Race for the Cure. Running for this event was not going to be enough. I wanted to raise some money to fight breast cancer so I did. Once I met the minimum, I raised my goal, met that, then I raised my goal, met that, and raised my goal and met that! I ended up raising more than half of the money for my team at work. So, not only was I going to huff it - I also was a top fundraiser! Or, for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a member of the "Pink Honor Roll." I received a sash!!!

I've never been so proud to run for anything. As a "Pink Honor Roll" honoree, a representative for work and a new runner - I was not about to be unfashionable! I did my hair, my makeup, wore my high-waisted running capris and tied up my Cure-Shirt.

Race Day Hair
Because I had to be up so early and I wanted the curls to last, I sponge rolled it the night before. I took two sections up top and formed simple pin curls. The front piece I rolled back and the back piece I curled to the side of it. In fear of the curls falling out mid run, I pined, pined, pined it down.

It looked a lot more pleasant first thing in the morning.

Runners Pin Curls - Post Race
Close up Pin Curls - Almost Falling Out! Oh thank you bobby pins!
 Race Day Outfit... 
(ignore the messy bedroom, I was in a hurry!)
High waisted Capris - Target
Black and Pink Asics - courtesy of Mama
Pink Carnation Flower for Hair - handmade by me
Cream Rose Earrings - gift from best friend
Susan G Komen Shirt - free with entry fee
Pink Honor Roll Sash - free with being an awesome fundraiser!
Then came the race. I was so amped that morning! It was difficult for me to remember to not over do it at first. People around me, trained and untrained, were running so fast at first. I knew that I eeded to go moderately throughout most of it, so I could push it at the end.
And boy did I! I ran that 5K in 28:06 minutes! I probably could have gone a bit faster, but I was afraid of injuring myself and I want to be able to keep doing this!
So happy and proud!

It was so great to see all of the survivors and supporters. There were some awesome people there dressed up as Star Wars characters! I so desperately wanted to get my picture taken with a Storm Trooper, but all the familiar faces were scattered around the parking lot... and there were a lot of people there. I didn't want to be that creepy twenty-something who asks the Storm Trooper to take a picture... solo...  Probably my only regret. Next time: No fear!

I cannot wait for my next race. There is one next weekend that I wanted to do, and I still may. But it may interfere with my next show's rehearsals! Here's hoping! If not I have another one in October I'm doing. I'll give you the updates.

I encourage everyone to do something like this, at least once. It's so much fun and it was for such a great cause! You can still look fabulous while you do it too!

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