Friday, September 30, 2011

Preview of Next Month's Naked City Piece

"It should not come as a surprise to anyone who is in the arts that when any budget tightening is to be made, art programs are first up to the gallows. When these cut backs occur it is nearly always anticipated, regardless of any vocal disagreement that may transpire. The arts do not bring in the money akin to the sweat, hullabaloo filled arenas. For the most part, this is unfortunately true. The arts are not a focal part of the community, even though culture and activity is a primary reason for tourism and relocation to a community. As a result of being put on the back burner of society, students are ridiculed for their involvement with artistic programs: the band geek, the theatre freak, the choir nerd… etc etc. This insinuation of substandard social standing is worn as a badge of pride by some students, even into adulthood. However, why should there be this self-deprecating humor attached to the love and appreciation of the arts?...."

Check out Naked City Wichita next month for the full article

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