Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey There, Heywood Wakefield!

I am constantly on the hunt for all-things-vintage/retro. My beautiful, drafty old apartment is garnished with vintage/retro memorabilia. Recently, my hunt has been focused around retro, or reproduction, furniture. After seeing a great deal on a danish modern dining table at an antique mall, quite impulsively, I decided to put my table on Craigslist in order to invest in the piece. However, as soon as my modern table sold to another, when I went into purchase the vintage table I lusted after! I was so heart broken.

Alas, I scoured antique malls in Wichita and in KC. I was about to give up and eat off the floor, when, bored at work, I typed in Heywood Wakefield on Craigslist and low and behold: a Garage Sale, which was to take place over the weekend, with an authentic Heywood Wakefield Dining Room Table and Hutch.

After an exchange of emails with the seller, I raced over to 'view it early' - I offered to give him his asking price (trust me, it was a steal) and later that evening - Brian and Daddy and I brought it home. To my vintage wonderland.

It took some work to get it clean enough to show you, but now it is immaculate! Undoubtedly, the best pieces of all of my vintage collection.

The table has 2 panels that retract to make the table variable sizes.

Very convenient.

Without any panels. However, the sides stand up.

With one panel, sides down

With both panels, sides down

With all panels, sides up. It comfortable seats 6-8, possibly even 10.
My decor thus far
The Captains Chair; The others have no arm rests.



Mon table est très beau, n'est pas?

Hopefully, this doesn't turn into a very expensive addiction... but it may. Sets like this retail for up to $3,000 from what I've seen. And I got it... *drum roll*.... for $550. All pieces included and all pieces in great shape. Granted I had to take all of my savings to buy it, but it's an investment piece, right? (Or is that just what we vintage/retro addicts tell ourselves?)

There are reproduction companies online, but if I got this lucky, so can you!

Happy Vintage Shopping!

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