Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Retro Reproduction Review: Bernie Dexter Capri Pants

Based upon a recent splurge of mine, I must talk up this fabulous pin up doll:

Bernie Dexter

She's a model and a brand. Inspiring to say the least, she started small and has exploded on the pin up scene. With her own clothing line of rockabilly reproduction items, I am officially in awe of this cat.

I just bought a pair of her high-waisted siren capri's. I'm in love with them.

Bernie Dexter sells them on her website - but I found a black pair on Unique Vintage - selling for about 20 dollars cheaper than average. I had to get them before the price went up! I do want a pair in blue denim and, unfortunately, I didn't see them on Unique's site, so I'll have to splurge again in several months when I have the money.

Heed this warning with these pants! I had to return them initially because when I tried them on the first time, the zipper got stuck, broke and then proceeded to rip the pants. I contacted Unique Vintage and they replaced them for me.

I must emphasize how wonderful Unique Vintage's customer service was. They were prompt, professional and efficient in meeting my needs. I will be a repeat customer because of how well they took care of me and I advocate everyone to

Regardless: Exercise caution with these pants. I am in incredible fear of them ripping again. But I do love how they look and feel though, so perhaps it is worth it.

I got Brian to snap a picture of me when we went for a walk yesterday

Summer Blouse: Vintage, antique mall - $10
Pants: Bernie Dexter, Unique Vintage - $120
Platform Wedge Sandals: Charlotte Russe - $18
Bangles - Vintage, antique mall - $2
Flower - handmade by me!

The Kansas humidity took all of the curls from my hair, leaving it sort of flat, but the outfit make up for it. I got many compliments on these pants.

Cannot wait for my the next purchase!


  1. can i ask what size you are in the siren pants? i am just about to buy them online and i would like to know if they are small fir/true size or if they stretch a bit after a few wears? thank you :)

    1. I got a small, I have a 26(ish) waist, but they are very snug, especially around my huge calf muscles! :( However, they stretch which is good. I do have to say they give a little at the top which is just above my natural waistline. I wouldn't go a size down because of this. Hope this helps! I do love them though.

  2. You definitly made me want to buy these pants.