Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Explanation Necessary

I don't know how many times I have had to explain why I get dressed up to go swimming, watch the Super Bowl, go to the grocery store. I just do. That is who I am. I love it.

Fleur de Guerre, British Pin Up Extraordinaire explains a bit more in depth about our passion for feeling good. Read what she has to say: Here!
I received so much flack about not wanting to get my hair wet at the pool on the 4th that it drove me batty.

There are a multitude of reasons for this:

1. First and foremost: I abhor washing my hair. It is my least favorite thing to do ever. It is bad for your hair, can cause hair loss and makes ones hair impossibly horrible to style!

2. I loved my updo for the day. I did. I thought it was very pin up and vintage - even my 'I-think-you-look-silly-most-of-the-time' boyfriend even complimented my hair do. It was a big day.

3. If I would have gotten it wet I would have spent the day miserable. I would have wanted to go home, fix my hair (which would have taken hours because it was wet), and I would've probably changed my outfit out of frustration.
Perhaps this seems vain to some, and maybe it is to a small (or large) degree, but I don't consider it vain. I was raised as a tom-boy: putting on very little, if any, make up in high school and doing nothing with my hair but washing it. I realized I never felt special. I never felt not-special either. I just was idle.

I decided to change things during college and again post graduation, when I went through a transformation of sorts in my personal life. I always was known as the person who was going to be 'over-dressed' for dinner. I didn't mind this though, I still don't - I like feeling put together and secure.

I take time with my appearance (most days), because I no longer want to be the person who hides in the corner because she's scared of how she looks or what she's wearing. I used to be all of the time, and it brought me down to places that I don't wish to return. Dressing up makes me feel good. I don't necessarily do it for the attention (although it is a bonus on my occasional low-day), there are days I get dressed up and never leave the house, or just go to my parents to do laundry. I feel better though.

Although, I don't think men, or women take enough time with their appearance now-a-days. I have seen people wear casual pieces and they looked stellar. It is all in the confidence and comfort level of the individual. I am more confident when I have my hair curled, my eyeliner on and am in a dress. Others love t-shirts and jeans. I don't. I have very strong opinions about jeans. Blaugh. Jeans are the gateway drug to sloppy.

To me: Jeans, flip flops, T-shirts. Normal. Standard. Boring.

Sadly, well groomed people seem to be a thing of the past. I will never be one to advocate doing things just because it's the norm. I don't think everyone should wear their hair straight, I know everyone should NOT tan. Everyone should have his or her own style, even if it includes jeans.

However, if I had my druthers, everyone would be much more groomed in his or her own style though :) But I don't run the world... yet.

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