Monday, May 16, 2011

Vintage Tragedy in ICT!

While meandering through my favorite antique mall yesterday, it was brought to my attention that an iconic landmark from my childhood and my vintage adulthood has closed it's doors.

It is with profound regret that I must inform you that Klassic Line Vintage clothing has closed it's doors.

Klassic Line has been the staple of Wichita Vintage clothing since my mother used to drag me to her old store when I was a little girl. A beautiful calico cat use to co-habit the store then and I use to trip over myself trying to find it. I would sit and pet it while my mother shuffled through all of the vintage findings.

As I grew up and developed my taste for retro relics I was sad to find Klassic Line only opened on Saturdays in between strict hours. I maneuvered my schedule to be able to make frequent trips and I became a regular for Karla like my mom.

Fortunately, Karla still has her online shop, but I must express how saddened I am that the actual shop is now closed for browsing. She had such a brilliant selection, in a prime neighborhood, with a great building.

Rumors will fly about how or why she closed; however I'm almost positive it had nothing to do with lack of business, but, from what I understand, over a conflict over a leasing agreement with the building.

I'll miss your shop Karla, please open another? Or do you have any good local suggestions? Let me know where! Until then, happy Klassic online shopping.

 While I was brooding over the loss of this legacy, when I did do some emotional shopping and came away with some fabulous finds!

The best thing: $12.95 set of Italian hand painted dishes!!

Also, two purses, one with matching gloves.

 This second one my mom has a near duplicate of it - she was excited because I'll stop disappearing with hers!

I also bought a handmade white eyelet dress. It is getting a new zipper put in, because it was broken, but once I get it back, you'll see - it's gonna be awesome! 

Emotional shopping doesn't bring Klassic Line back, but it soothed my sentimental wounds.

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  1. nice to meet another midwest vintage gal! I've never been shopping in you neck of the woods but next time I'm on the way to Denver, I'll try to make a pit stop. If you're ever in St Louis, let me know and we'll meet up! xoxo