Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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Today, in honor of my friend and new fellow blogger over at The Adventures of a Modern Day Donna I'm making this post. She has recently just made lifetime at Weight Watchers! Sandy is an absolute inspiration to anyone who is attempting to take control of their lives in any way, not just with WW. Her blog will include recipes, among other things, that she has modified and created that are healthy (she is excellent at sweets!). Check her out!

She and I were texting last night and I told her I'd post about this other inspirational blog that I think everyone should be checking out. I meandered over to her site because of her stellar fashion sense and outstanding personality. *BitchCakes* (who's name I love) is a vintage weight loss inspiration to any gal who has struggled with body image. She has lost over 70 lbs and has documented her journey with her blog. You can see her progress on Flicker, and as well as her suburb fashion sense and fabulous NY apartment in the background of some of her pics! One of the reasons why I want to redecorate all of the sudden is because of this hip chick!

Love these girl. Love their blogs.

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