Monday, May 9, 2011

Orpheum Car Show

There are so many reasons I go to Classic Car Shows. First and foremost, I love salivating and fantasizing about one day owning any type of pre-1965 car. Due to the weather last Sunday, the car show was understandably petite, but grand in spirit and in view, nonetheless.

Some favorites being....

 I love this woman - whoever she may be!

And the ultimate. My dream car since I was 17 and started to get up on rockabilly culture!

It was a blast, despite the chill and shortened trip. I got asked to have my picture taken in front of a few of the owner's beautiful automobiles. I love car show season!


  1. It’s official: we have the same dream car! And I’m sure other people who attended the car show got inspired by its classiness. I don’t think they would mind the rain just to see its beauty.

    Tyra Shortino

  2. That yellow vintage is certainly magnificent. You could really see how smooth and shiny the exterior was! It’s splendidly awesome! Well, the rest of the cars there were great too! They were all amazing in their own way!