Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Childhood Memories

Perhaps my adoration for vintage, retro and rockibilly came long before I became a teenager. My mid century mindset might have sprung from the occasional trip to the soda fountain shop located in the heart of Wichita on Douglas Avenue: The Old Mill Tasty Shop.

This place has been rockin' it since the 1930s with the memorabilia on the walls to prove it. I remember the excitement of coming with my mom and grandma. The excitment pounding in me with the potential of a cherry coke, sundae, malt or, if I had been a really good girl, a picturesque banana split.

Returning to the scene of my childhood memories, as an adult, I am flooded with memories of chili on a blistering cold rainy day, the chill of the mixture of fudge, whipped cream and vanilla in August and the anticipation won by finally reaching the cherry at the bottom of my coke.
A bonus for antique enthusists: A Legacy Antique Mall is merely a block west. For bargin shoppers there is a DAV across the street. It's a lunch diner, so make plans on going before 3 throughout the week. On Saturdays they offer breakfast too. This place is happenin' still today. A must see for those who live in ICT and all who cruise through.

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