Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Fever!

In honor of the Royal Wedding that was everything a Royal Wedding should have been this morning, I am posting this blog. While humor in a relationship is the most important thing to me, I am a hopeless romantic. This morning brought me back to my childhood fantasies of being a princess, my youthful crush on Prince William and the fountain of daydreams of my future handsome prince.

I've known for about a year now that when or if I ever get married I am getting my wedding attire from Whirling Turbin, a fabulous custom made vintage reproduction shop.

While I thought the Duchess looked supremely elegant, here are my inspirations:

And for those who really are close with me know that this next one is a possibility!

Whirling Turbin has a multitude of other custom options too, of which, I hope to soon explore!

Happy Wedding Day Everyone

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