Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Things to do

Found some Wicked Wichita things!

I'm thinking about taking some classes, anyone up for an adventure?

Wichita Burlesque is offering a weekend workshop for $100 dollars, it's a bit steep, but an interesting thought to mull over

My boyfriend and I have been trying to decide when to take Swing Classes, I have found two in Wichita.

Care to Dance Studios, located in the hip Delano District, offers a Thursday night possibility
Harry Reese Dance Studio offers a Sunday class and private lessons on Saturdays.

If anyone is interested please look into it! I really want to get down on this scene. Hopefully here in the next month or so.

Non-Wichita, but for everyone:

Something I really am frustrated about is possibly not being able to attend the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend April 21st-24th. So much to do for anyone who is as sweet on the era as me. Car show strictly pre-1963, the fashion, the hair...

I'm getting to excited. It's not that expensive for tickets, but when you're paying off student loan debt cat food seems expensive.

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