Monday, March 14, 2011

Shopping in Lawrence

This weekend was boss. I traveled upstate to Lawrence, KS to see friends and pop into the myriad of antique malls and vintage gallerias. I was only there over night, but was able to accomplish a great deal of irresponsible damage or, as I like to refer to it, investment!

Skidding into town, I bee-lined it to Wild Man Vintage, a favorite of mine. I squander several hours there (that's how you know it's amazing).

Some of my purchases include several mid-century frocks, a waist widdling pencil skirt and something completely out of the ordinary for me, a pair of jeans!

Those who know me are surprised, I'm sure. I have a vicious vendetta against denim. I believe it is boring and, due to it being 'easy,' it's become a fault of society to wear it and nothing else. Am I a tad tenacious and over the top? Of course, but if society dressed up more, than I wouldn't hate them so much!

Any who, I obviously do not hate them enough to not buy these. A high-waisted pair from the seventies. See.....

That was my day one. Day two?? My photo shoot fell through, because my poor friend is taking 23 credit hours. So, I maximized my efforts by returning for more delirium on Mass St!

My breakfast was had at Genovese. This spot offers an array of nosh pleasing to any palette. I had to take a picture of my food it was so delectable.

Other great buys include a 5 dollar 1940s beige crepe dress, a 20 dollar wrap around dressing gown dating around 1930 or so (I foresee me wearing this as a day dress though), and a 12 dollar navy frock and jacket, from the late 40s it appears.

That was just at a few stores.

The Vintage Van is located at the top of The Antique Bazaar, also on Mass St. A wonderfully adorable and sweet woman runs this who sold me a fabulous pair of Rita Hayworth-like trousers; these I'm wearing to work tomorrow.

I got out of Lawrence just in time, before I pawned my car for an amazing antique hat, or something. Latest photoshoot postponed, but here is a shot from my most recent, with the miraculous Marita Meyer.
Go To Lawrence - It's a Fun, Fabulous and Stylish Town.

Nighty Nite! Sleep is drawing nigh...

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